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We like to think of the Flight Dispatcher as the “Pilot on the Ground”.

As an airline Flight Dispatcher, you are charged with planning the flight using factors such as weather, airport conditions, pilot reports, maintenance concerns, and much more. The Dispatcher also may cancel or delay flights to ensure the safety of each flight. You will typically have the best of technology at your disposal to work with. Because the Dispatcher jointly shares responsibility of any given flight with the captain, he or she is a very important person in the operation of an airline.

Commercial aviation is expanding, and it's an exciting time for you to begin a long and prosperous career in the industry. If you have passion for the airline industry, consider one of the best paying and exciting positions - as an Aircraft Dispatcher. This excellent career can pay up to USD $100,000 per year with experience, but first you must, of course, be qualified. Airlines in the U.S. and in countries throughout the world hire only FAA-certified dispatchers.

Lunken Flight Training Center in association with IAG Flight can provide all the training you will need. We offer an FAA-approved six-week Airline Dispatcher Training Course at our training center in Cincinnati, Ohio. You will learn in a classroom setting, at a modern facility, and from experienced instructors. Upon graduation and with your FAA certification, you will be ready to work in an airline's System Operations Control Center.

Course Curriculum

Flight Dispatcher students focus on the following subjects:

  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Meteorology
  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Emergency and Abnormal Situations
  • Aircraft Systems and Performance
  • Use of Weather Charts
  • Flight Planning
  • Enroute Charts and Instruments Approach Procedures
  • Practical Dispatching

With proper study habits and discipline, you will master these subjects with relative ease, and you will also find it to be fun and interesting.

Course Schedule


We offer a Comprehensive 5 Week Course for those wishing to pursue a full-time student schedule. The course is spread out over 5 weeks at 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Students should allow a day or two before the start and up to 3 days after the course for practical testing. A good time line to budget for the completion and certification is up to 6 weeks.


For prospective students who are local to the Cincinnati, Ohio area who would like to pursue a part-time course option, we also offer a 13 week course program that incorporates 2 weekday evenings at 4 hours per session and one full 8-hour weekend day.

In development is a distance learning program in which the student can complete the course on a full-time basis over a 6 day period. Please allow 1-3 days after completion for testing depending on examiner availability. The initial portion will consist of approximately three-quarters of the courses to be completed online; the remainder of the practical training will take place over the 6 day period on site in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Course Cost

The cost of Flight Dispatcher Certification Program is $3,495.00 USD. All text books and materials are included for course completion. The student will be responsible for a $300 examiner fee for the FAA Practical Test. The following is included in the course tuition:

  • FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge (Written) Test
  • Flight bag with all study materials
  • All text books
  • 3 Ring Student Binder with study guides and reference materials (to be given on the first class day)

Any additional costs for lodging and meals are covered by the student. Any additional instruction required for a Practical Test retake, should a student be unsuccessful during their first Practical Test, will be charged on a per hour basis with a minimum of 4 hours required.

Requirements for FAA Dispatcher Certificate

  • You must complete 200 hours of instruction and receive instructor endorsement for testing.
  • You must pass the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test
  • You must pass the FAA Practical Exam
  • You must be 23 years of age to receive the FAA Dispatcher Certificate*
  • You must have a level 4 English Proficiency**

*Graduates of the Flight Aircraft Dispatcher Course must be at least 21 years of age in order to take the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test and the Practical Exam. To be issued the Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate, you must be at least 23 years old. However, you may work in an airline's Operations Control Center prior to the age of 23; an Airline Dispatcher Course graduate who is under age 23 and has passed the tests may work as an Assistant Dispatcher or a Flight Follower. If you are under 23 and have passed the tests, you will be issued an FAA Letter of Aeronautical Competency, stating that all requirements have been met, and that a Certificate will be issued upon reaching age 23.

** A graduate shall be classified level 4 if all of the following criteria are met:
(a) The graduate understands and speaks conversational English without apparent difficulty, but understands and speaks academic English with some hesitancy.
(b) The graduate continues to acquire reading and writing skills in content areas needed to achieve grade level expectations with assistance.

Accelerated Course

For those candidates with any level of prior experience in the industry and/or FAA certifications, you may be eligible to enroll in our accelerated course. Candidates must submit a resume showing prior experience and/or copies of prior certification(s). The chief instructor will determine the level of credit the student is eligible for and that credit will be given upon the successful examination of the student by means of a few verbal and written tests. The cost of the accelerated course will depend on the amount of credit given and the remaining hours of curriculum needed for the FAA practical test.

International Students

If you are an international student, we will assist you in obtaining an M-1 visa to enable you to study in the U.S. We will train you for your FAA license and help you prepare a resume to obtain a job with an airline of your choice.

We will also assist you in finding a suitable hotel with transportation to the school. The location of the training center is central to several restaurants and hotels in the area. If the student wishes to rent a vehicle, we will help to facilitate that as well. Our goal is to make as comfortable a living environment as we can for our students.

FAA Certification is provided through IAG Flight, LLC.

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