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Flying a drone - also known as an “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” or UAV - is not necessarily a hard thing to learn how to do. But flying one safely and responsibly is now the focus for many prospective drone operators today. Drones/UAV's are inherently different from any manned aircraft, and introducing them into the nation's airspace has proven to be challenging for both the FAA and aviation community.

The United States has the busiest, most complex airspace in the world. On any given day, it is shared by thousands of commercial airliners, business jets, general aviation planes and sport planes. Injecting the use of drones into this airspace poses many safety challenges. Drones now come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used for a wide variety of purposes. Regardless of size, the responsibility of operating a drone safely and responsibly is equally shared by both manned and unmanned aircraft operators.

Lunken Flight Training Center in association with IAG Flight is committed to providing the highest quality drone training for the enthusiast or the prospective professional drone/UAV pilot in addition to promoting safe and responsible use of unmanned aircraft. Our comprehensive training program emphasizes key elements that focus on building a strong foundation of aeronautical knowledge along with learning about your drone and the environment you will be operating in. Very often, people assume that drone flying is as easy as buying a drone and then just flying it around your neighborhood or in a park. Unfortunately, the list of concerns is more extensive than that.

Whichever drone you eventually choose, it should be operated in a proper environment by someone who is equipped with the training to ensure that the operator, drone/UAV, and surrounding persons are safe from potential hazardous incidents or accidents. There have been many high profile incidents over the last few years of drones injuring people, buildings, moving cars, power lines, and even airliners in flight. Many of these incidents could have been avoided had the operator had formal training with their UAV. Along with safety for other people, there is also the actual cost of damage to the drone from crashes and impacts, not to mention the damage to other property.

Need a “Section 333 Exemption” ?

If you are seeking to operate your drone for professional or commercial applications, such as aerial photography, inspection surveillance or even the film and television industry, you will need approval from the FAA in the form of a “Section 333 Exemption”. This exemption allows you to operate your drone for commercial hire, while adhering to specific FAA guidelines of operation for specific purposes outlined in your exemption. Call us for more information and details and we can assist you or your organization in acquiring the needed application and filings. More information can be found on the FAQ's page.

Our Instructors and UAV Experts

All of our courses are taught be leading professional aviation experts and UAV experts. Our instructors are actual FAA certified professional aircraft pilots and instructors familiar with the most recent FAA regulations and safety practices. Our partners at Hobby Express contribute the best in hands on UAV flight instruction to our program. Along with their UAV flight training expertise, Hobby Express can provide some of the best support in sales, repair, and maintenance for your UAV.

Call us today to schedule a class date for your drone/UAV training or to request more information about our programs. Or you can sign up for the class of your choice. We offer custom tailored programs for groups from your business or organization.

Drone/UAV Courses

Beginner Drone Training Course
Full 1 Day 8 Hour Course - $295.00

This course is designed for the beginner drone pilot and consists of classroom training at our Lunken Airport facility. Subject areas covered include aircraft aerodynamics, weather considerations, Federal Aviation Regulations, airspace, safety practices, flight simulator orientation, and the drone selection and registration process. In addition to providing all your training materials, we will provide you with a copy of the Federal Aviation Regulations, Pilot Logbook, and a Course Completion Certificate showing your completion our comprehensive UAV Training Program.

The final 60-90 minutes of our course will include a visit from our expert Hobby Express UAV flight instructors, who will discuss how to select the best drone for your needs along with pricing. If you already have a drone and it needs to be registered with the FAA, we can assist you in doing so on the spot. Please let us know in advance if this is the case. You will also have the opportunity to test and purchase a drone flight simulator program for an incredibly affordable price to ensure that your bigger mistakes are made on a computer rather than your actual first drone.

Professional UAV Training Program
Full 2 Day 16 Hour Course $795

This course is built around providing the aspiring professional drone pilot the proper skills and knowledge to operate their UAV in a safe and efficient manner while adhering to the rules and regulations associated with commercial drone operations.

Day one will consist of exactly what is covered in the 1-day beginner course. Day two will be focused on more detailed discussion of the FAA rules governing commercial drone operations and the FAA “Section 333 Exemption” for legal commercial drone operations. In addition, our expert UAV flight instructors will provide hands on flight training and simulator training to include advanced maneuvering, camera operations, and detailed maintenance practices. Our flight training is conducted in any weather conditions inside of our 10,000 square foot hangar at Lunken Airport.

A Course Completion Certification will be issued to you indicating the completion of the Commercial UAV Training Program. If you need to file an application for an FAA “Section 333 Exemption”, we can assist you with that process for an additional fee. Additional UAV flight instruction is also available at a nominal cost and may be scheduled according to your needs.

Training is provided through IAG Flight, LLC.

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