Aircraft Rental

Aircraft Rental

Rental Checkout

All pilots desiring to rent our aircraft must complete a rental checkout. The first step is to schedule a rental checkout onboarding meeting with Lunken Flight Training Center. This meeting is a requirement to obtain all the necessary paperwork from the pilot. Once the onboarding meeting has been completed, a rental checkout can be scheduled.

The rental checkout requires pilots to demonstrate normal and emergency maneuvers. Additionally, the checkout informs pilots of our company policies and practices. 

Upon completion of the rental checkout, the Renter will be able to rent the aircraft in which they were checked out from Lunken Flight Training Center. Rental checkouts are valid for one year, and the checkout must be completed annually for renewal.

Prerequisites: Private Pilot Certificate (minimum)

Course Minimums: 1.0 hour dual flight (minimum) ground time as necessary

Recommended: Purchase the appropriate Pilot Information Manual

1 to 1.5 hours dual instruction + 1.0-1.5 hours ground time for the proficient pilot is standard for the checkout.

Rental Currency

During the year, Renters must rent the aircraft from Lunken Flight Training Center at least once every 60 days, otherwise the Renter must complete at least three landings with an instructor prior to renting again. Dual instruction to complete the 60 day three landing requirement does not constitute renewal of the rental checkout. The Renter is solely responsible for maintaining currency for passenger carrying requirements per the FARs.

Flight Review Workshop

A Flight Review (formerly known as a Biennial Flight Review) is required by FAR 61.56 and, for the current, proficient pilot, can usually be completed at or just over the minimum requirements of 1.0 hour dual flight and 1.0 hour of ground instruction.

If a pilot hasn’t flown for a significant period of time, additional dual flight and ground instruction will be required to complete a Flight Review. A custom course will be created for you, based on your performance during an evaluation lesson.

* Lunken Flight Training Center is able to complete your Flight Review in any of its aircraft.