Flight Training

PATH Program

Career Driven Accelerated Training

The “PATH” Program is an Accelerated Training Program designed for a career driven individual. Enroll in our PATH Program for a streamlined path to a successful career in aviation. This comprehensive pilot training program covers all the essentials, from the Private Pilot Certificate to Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) certificates.

With a career-oriented approach, the PATH Program prepares you not only to pass checkrides but to excel in the aviation industry. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience, and the practical skills necessary for a thriving career as a professional pilot. Our expert instructors are committed to shaping you into a highly skilled and sought-after aviator.

Whether you aspire to be an airline pilot, corporate aviation professional, or pursue various other career opportunities in the aviation field, the PATH Program equips you for success. This comprehensive pilot training experience isn’t just about earning certificates and ratings; it’s about propelling you into a rewarding and dynamic career in aviation.

Take the first step toward your aviation career by joining the PATH Program. Fast-track your journey to becoming a career pilot.

FLEX Program

Flexible Flight Training

Discover the freedom of flight on your terms with our FLEX Program. This program gives you the ability to learn at your pace, with the flexibility of your schedule, and the same rigor as the PATH Program 

In the FLEX Program, you have the liberty to select individual courses that align with your aspirations, whether it’s a Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, or another advanced certificate/rating. We understand that your aviation journey is unique, and our program ensures that it’s designed to meet your specific needs.

Start your aviation journey with us and see how the FLEX Program can provide you with the skills and experience needed to take flight confidently and on your own terms. It’s not just about earning certificates; it’s about advancing your aviation knowledge and skillset at your pace.

Financing Available

Lunken Flight Training Center is here to make your pilot aspirations a reality. With our straightforward and flexible financing options, we aim to remove financial barriers, ensuring that your flight training experience is as accessible and seamless as possible. Take the first step toward your aviation goals with the convenience of our financing solutions.

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Financing Available

Certificates and Ratings

Private Pilot Certificate

The Private Pilot Certificate is your ticket to the skies, marking the beginning of your aviation journey. Aspiring aviators start here, gaining the fundamental skills needed to operate an aircraft. With this certificate, you can fly a variety of aircraft for personal and recreational purposes. Training includes mastering basic maneuvers, navigation, and understanding the intricacies of aviation regulations. It’s the foundation for those looking to explore the joy of flying both as a hobby and a career.

Instrument Rating

Once you’ve earned your wings as a private pilot, the Instrument Rating takes your skills to new heights and inside clouds. This rating allows you to navigate and operate an aircraft solely by reference to instruments, enhancing your ability to fly in adverse weather conditions and low visibility. Instrument-rated pilots are more versatile, as they can confidently fly through clouds and challenging weather, making it a crucial step for those considering a professional flying career.

Commercial Certificate

For those dreaming of a career in aviation, the Commercial Certificate is the next step. This advanced certification builds upon your private pilot foundation, focusing on refining your skills and introducing you to more complex aircraft operations. With a Commercial Certificate, you can be compensated for your piloting services, opening doors to job opportunities like becoming a commercial pilot, banner tow pilot, or even a flight instructor.

Certificated Flight Instructor Certificate

To share your passion for flying and help others take to the skies, obtaining a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate is the next step. As a CFI, you can teach and train aspiring pilots, passing on the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired. This certificate not only deepens your understanding of aviation but also plays a crucial role in shaping the next generation of aviators.

Certificated Instrument Flight Instructor Certificate

For those who want to specialize in instrument flight training, the Certificated Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) Certificate is the final touch. This qualification allows you to instruct on the complexities of flying solely by reference to instruments, providing crucial knowledge to pilots seeking to enhance their instrument flying skills. A CFII is a valuable asset in the aviation industry, as the demand for proficient instrument-rated pilots continues to grow.